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JOB BID - Construction Jobs - Contractors JobsBuilding Trades Association Jobs Board, Make Money Using the Jobs Bulletin BoardBTA’s jobs bulletin board is the place to find local jobs to be bid on. Members accessing our unique opportunity can find jobs specific to their trade including general contracting, all subcontracting, architecture, home remodeling, and many more trades. Jobs listed include residential, commercial, and government work.

Health & Life Insurance – Group & Individual

Health & Life Insurance – Group & IndividualBlue Cross/Blue Shield, Aetna U.S. HealthCare, United HealthCare, Assurant/Fortis and more…We offer many different types of coverage and options. We offer HMO's, Point of Service, PPO, or any-doctor hospital plans. Our health insurance department is comprised of experienced representatives who work with members on a daily basis to find the best rates available.

Workers Compensation & Business Insurance Expenses

Save money on your workers compensation, general liability, auto, and other business insurance premiums by letting us place your company with one of our programs. Contractors of any size or construction classification can take advantage of these great prices. We have access to almost every insurance company out there.

Advertise your Company

Advertise your Company - ADVERTISE ON OUR WEBSITE
We are proud to offer our members a full service website. As most contractors know, internet advertising is the way of the future. Millions of businesses and individuals use the Internet daily. The Building Trades Association is a sponsor of our Find a Contractor. Your company name and contact information will appear on our website making it convenient if someone in your area is looking for your product or service. Our website, receives over 2 million hits a month and this figure is increasing steadily. Please call 1-800-326-7800 for quick and friendly service.

Home Depot Discount Program

SupplyWorks is the leading national distributor of broad-line janitorial and sanitation products with a salesforce of 700 field reps, 400 sales & customer service representatives, 70 distribution centers, 21 contractor showrooms, a national accounts sales program, and other supply chain programs such as vendor managed inventory. Trusted by over 100,000 customers. Fast, reliable, nationwide delivery with over 4 million sq. ft of warehouse space.

Free Forms & Contracts – Change Orders, Invoices & More

Download Change Orders, Invoices, Cost Reports, Proposals, etc. Estimating - Quote Materials/Labor Costs BTA members can download various forms and contracts. These include Accident Report Supervisor, Change Orders, Contractors Invoice, Cost Plus Fixed Fee, Job Cost Report, Nonresponsibility Notice, Prime Construction Contract, Project Management, Proposal, Purchase Order, Quotation, Remodeling Proposal, Subcontractor Change Order, Subcontractor Work Order, Subcontract Agreement, Telephone Quotation, Waiver of Lien Partial, Warranty, Weekly Time Card. Your days of going to a store to buy these forms are over. Simply download the forms into your word processing program and then put your company’s name on the forms for a professional look.

Form A Corporation
" In the construction business? Are your personal assets at risk? Incorporate your business today!

Create Your Own Ad/Flyer - Free
A custom Flyer is a great way to create new customers as well as market your business. Building Trades Association members can create professional looking color flyers/ads and print them from our site. If you wish your company also can email the flyer to a commercial printer of your choice. This fabulous service is available on our website and is free to all members. This service is guaranteed to help you grow your business.

Estimating - Quote Materials / Labor Costs

Click here to download customizable workers compenstation return to work program for your company
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Safety Program - Required in 22 States
Building Trades Association Safety Program
This Injury and Illness Prevention Program will be customized for the hazards found in your workplace and designed to fit in with the way your business is run. The final program will also comply with the requirements for a safety program in your state (if any).

Websites For Our Members
Websites For Our Members Let us build your website at an affordable cost. We will Design, Register, and Host your site. Here is a great opportunity to show off your pictures, tell about your company and/or explain what you do. Package includes Free Domain Name Registration, Free E-Mail addresses, and Search Engine Submission. If you have a Website, we will host for less.

Be Listed On The First Page of Google, Yahoo and Bing - SEO
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an exciting new service that is helping many of our members get more leads by getting better placement with Google. 300 million people use Google every day to do 2 billion searches. Google accounts for 65% of the searches. We can also help you with Yahoo, Bing and others. This is how buyers find contractors now. We can’t sell your product or service but we can attempt to get you on the first page. This will generate great exposure for you. Search engine marketing generates both leads and sales. When done correctly, search engine optimization can bring people to your site that are actually looking for what you are offering. You know they’re looking for it because they typed in a key word or phrase that is directly related to your service in your area.

Collection Services
Dunn and Bradstreet is one of the leading and most successful collection services. They offer consulting services, payment reminders, direct demands and collections. Dun & Bradstreet normally charges a subscription fee of $199.00 per year plus a percent of the amount collected. Through the Association, D&B waives the subscription fee saving you $199.00 per year.

State License Requirements & Find Out if a Contractor is Licensed
STATE LICENSE REQUIREMENTS & FIND OUT IF A CONTRACTOR IS LICENSED. How to apply for a contracting license. Find out who is licensed and who isn't. How to prepare your license application and get ready for the exam. Additional information about licensing. Click here

Payroll Services – Lower Your Payroll Expense!
PAYROLL SERVICES Save up to 20% on payroll services. Take the hassle and many of the risks out of your business day. Choose from a full variety of services including filing your taxes and paperwork directly, full payroll services, electronic filing, etc

QuickBooks For Contractors – 20% Off
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*BTA is not responsible for any liability arising out of the relationship between third party vendors and the BTA membership.

Search and Apply for Government Grants
Click here to search the government database and apply for grants.

Free Prescription Drug Card – Up to 28% Savings
Get Your Free Prescription Drug Card Clieck Here

Free Legal Consultation
Free Legal Consultation Building Trades Association will refer you to an attorney that specializes in the building industry.

Funding – Loans, Leasing, Accounts Receivable Financing, Customer Financing & More

Accept Credit Cards from Customers

Social Networking – Free facebook Page For Joining

OSHA Accident Reports
Building Trades Association Safety Program
This Injury and Illness Prevention Program will be customized for the hazards found in your workplace and designed to fit in with the way your business is run. The final program will also comply with the requirements for a safety program in your state (if any). A well-designed Injury and Illness Prevention Program is a critical component of running a successful small business. A commitment to safety pays you back with fewer injuries, increased productivity, and reduced workers' compensation insurance costs. Safety programs are required in ten states. The program included with membership at no additional cost.

OSHA Injury and Illness Recordkeeping and Reporting Requirements

OSHA’s Form 301 Injury and Illness Incident Report
For More info please visit : Osha

QR Barcodes Programmed To Your Website

Construction Newsletter
Members Recieve the Building Trades Newsletter. Learn about the latest industry tips and the most current information on BTA services offered. Famous economists are interviewed and tips on how to run a small business. This newsletter makes for a great free read.

Use Facebook to improve your Contracting Business
Facebook is a tool that can help you interact with your customers and attract new ones. To ignore this tool is the same as ignoring any other tool available to you, such as networking,direct mail or special promotions. When trying to promote your business, it's best to make use of every tool available. At the very least, it's a good idea to test it to see whether it produces results.
Facebook improves customer service in your business. You can encourage your customers to contact you through Facebook and let you know about any problems they have with their order or with the products they have purchased. This will give you an extra opportunity to resolve the issue to the customer's satisfaction so that you end up with a happy customer who will tell others about your business.

Liens, Releases, and Notices
FILING SERVICES-LIENS, RELEASES, AND NOTICES Ten (10%) percent discount on preliminary notices, mechanics liens, releases, bond claims, stop notices, notices of completion and many more. We offer same day service with no set-up fees.

IBM Credit Union
ACCESS TO IBM CREDIT UNION Open a lifetime savings account with IBM for $5.00. IBM Credit Union has several advantages over regular banking. Our members will benefit from a No charge On-Line Banking, Checking and Savings Accounts, IRA's, Money market Accounts, as well as, loan opportunities, On-line preapproval mortgages, car loans, credit cards, No Fee Checking and On-Line Bill Paying. The IBM Credit Union is a not-for-profit organization.

Workers Comp Auditing Service - find, and recover over - charges in Comp. insurance premiums.

Drug Testing
Secure your business with employees you can trust. Simple and easy to use with privacy to retrieve results. Just go to our homepage for easy access. Reduces workers compensation costs in some states

Help Finding Employees

  1. Find Permanent or Contingent Employees Click Here
  2. Union Labor – Contact Individual Unions to Post Jobs Click Here
  3. Department of Labor – Where to Find Candidates Click Here

Mortgages for those interested in purchasing or refinancing a home. Click to fill out a contact form and we will have a mortgage and refinancing expert contact you to discuss your needs.

Free Construction Magazines:
is the quick and easy way to receive free magazines for busy construction professionals. Subscriptions are available to professionals in the construction marketplace who reside in the United States. Using our service to subscribe to magazines is the best way to obtain the industry news, trends, tips, techniques and information you need to get the job done

Government Agencies
LINKS TO GOVERNMENT AGENCIES Get direct access to government links. You no longer have to search the World Wide Web for the government agency you need. Click on our link and go directly to a description of the government services you desire. Then click the link and go directly to the agency website. The more time we can save you, the more time you will have to fulfill other important business needs.

Hazardous Materials Compliance
HAZARDOUS MATIERALS COMPLIANCE _> Click for More This tool is designed to alert you to your environmental responsibilities found in federal and state laws, and to help you stay in compliance with them. The information you get from this tool is specific to your project and your location. You will receive a summary report, including an overview of environmental responsibilities that are particularly important for your project, plus links to more detailed information such as state regulations and the names of people to contact for further assistance.

State Compensation Laws
STATE COMPENSATION LAWS Detailed lists of workers' compensation agencies, these state-by-state listings contain information using links to Internet sites of the various state agencies charged with administering workers' compensation claims in the United States. The following list of U.S. workers' compensation agencies is the most complete and up-to-date listing available anywhere.

Construction Books and Software\Now you have the opportunity to save money on construction books covering almost all trades in the building industry. Products include Code books, Cost books, Finance books, many different software programs, as well as numerous books and items that will be beneficial to anyone in the building industry. BTA members will receive a five percent discount on all products through an arrangement we have made with a company specializing in construction books and software.

Construction Definitions
CONSTRUCTION DEFINITIONS_> Click for MoreConstruction Glossary and Home Building Terms from Homebuilding Manual.

Independent Contractor Service Center
It is of the most importance that contracting business owners correctly determine whether the individuals providing services are independent contractors or employees. As an independent contractor someone runs his or her own company. Independent contractors earn money from their own businesses instead of depending upon employers to earn a living. Independent contractors are sometimes called freelancers, self-employed, consultants, sub-contractors or business owners.

Social Media Services
Social Media Marketing Services
At first look it might be a bit overwhelming to think about all of the available Social Media marketing options such as Twitter, Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest. Search Engines (Pay-per-click, Organic, Maps), Paid Online Lead Services like Home Advisor, etc.), Paid Online Directory Listings (, Yelp, Angie’s List). You need to establish a plan that will reinforce each of these online marketing opportunities so that you can make the most of your lead flow from the internet.